Mary & Andy got married on the 11th August 2012 at the beautiful Petwood Hotel, in Woodhall Spa Lincolnshire.Just one month before the big day, I did an engagement shoot with Mary & Andy which you can also see here on the blog.. it was a great way to explore the petwood grounds and get them both relaxed infront of the camera! (They were true pro's on the day) :)


I received this lovely email from them just yesterday after they had seen their wedding photographs;

"You exceeded our expectations, even though we were already expecting a lot after the engagement shoot and seeing your blog. We hope you are pleased with your work, because we are certainly very very happy with the memory we will keep thanks to the beautiful pictures and details you captured. And we have sent the link to our family for them to pick or see their favourites too. You really did a brilliant job, both the pictures and the way you handled yourself. We were in awe of just how well you blended in at the reception: some of the pictures show that you must have been there, but neither of us could remember you taking it: this is great work because you managed to get great shots without being intrusive. Weddings are both private and public, and we are very happy that you were the one to capture these moments. We will be in touch again in the future, when we decide to order an album for example. In the meantime, we will warmly recommend your work. So, finally, once more and sincerely: thank you. We could not stop smiling while seeing our pictures.

Mary & Andy"